100 Words: Pauline Melville "The Parrot and Descartes"

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I had better tell you about the parrot. Let me back up, restate that. The parrot is unimportant. He is just a distraction, just a bit of color and a bit of humor—when leaving the house he’ll squawk “fire, fire, save the bird”—but people often confuse him as significant or they are distracted by his colors and his…prettiness. I’m telling you this so you’re not distracted by him. Really a her. Her coloring strikes me as masculine so I’m often distracted.

Anycase, 100 words is not much space and we cannot afford any distractions, not even MacGuffins.


Melville, Pauline. (1999). The parrot and Descartes. In Elizabeth Nunez and Jennifer Sparrow, eds. (2006). Stories from blue latitudes: Caribbean women writers at home and abroad (236-249). Emeryville, CA.: Seal Press.

Pauline Melville’s Wikipedia page (click here)


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