The Beginning

So, here is the beginning of the StoopidNoodle team’s blog. Who is StoopidNoodle? Maybe the better answer is what is the purpose of this presence on the internet? We are all already on the internet but yet this location is special for us. Our mission has two directions, in two seemingly different directions. We will attempt to link these pulls and show how maybe they are not so disparate. So, here are the two quotations we came across that define this location and then we will return for a brief discussion.

“It is in response to this practice [“pull[ing] away form a mimetic theory of art and attempt[ing] to construct in its stead an interpretative model “ – SN] that contemporary theory must situate itself: not outside of interpretation but in the hidden places of negotiation and exchange.” Greenblatt, Stephen. 1987. Capitalist culture and the circulatory system. In Murray Kreiger, ed., The aims of representation: Subject/text/history (257-73). Stanford, CA: Stanford UP. 272.

“I still hope that my rethinking of some foreign policy questions can be incorporated into a vibrant progressive movement. Indeed, I’d argue that a strong defence of pluralistic, democratic societies needs to be an essential, perhaps a defining, [sic.] component of any genuinely progressive politics in today’s world.” Abramsky, Sasha. 2005, April 10. Whose al-Qaida problem? Online at Open Democracy. Obtained October 6, 2005.

So, we will run the gamut here. Sometimes our discussions will only reflect one of these directions and sometimes it may reflect both, even though it may only hold to one. We reserve the right to clarify and add to our mission later as time and you teach us new things.

Your job? Yes, we here at StoopidNoodle feel that there is a role to be played by the audience instead of merely by us. You are encouraged to comment and provide feedback and keep us honest and true to our missions. Maybe along the way we can all educate each other and maybe make life a bit easier and better for us all.

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