…But the White House can wait…

To-day’s commentary by David Ignatius exposes an interesting paradox of the Bush Administration. The President is supposed to lead the US. The President, while responding to American wishes, is also supposed to push those wants, challenge the public’s beliefs and make us examine what was once common. Sometimes the Bush Administration gets it, such as not succumbing to the vocal sentiment about the harms of global warming. Studies should be done and have been done. What is needed is a justification for more studies. It seems apparent that global climate change is occurring and that it is caused by humans, the questions that remain are about solutions and impacts of the change.

Skepticism is a fine line to walk. As the White House orders more studies it appears les and less to be grounded in justified skepticism and appears to be grounded more in ideological stubborn-ness (read: the very knee-jerk sentimentality the White House is supposed to moderate against.) There is a statement made by Ignatius which is telling. When talking about businesses and their voluntary efforts to deal with climate change, Ignatius argues this is the way to make government act. It is sad that the government’s agenda is determined by business, especially in a field where the very actions are seen as anti-business. The government should push and not be pushed.

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