“Most literary critics agree that fiction cannot be reduced to mere falsehood. Well-crafted protagonists come to life, pornography causes orgasms, and the pretense that life is what we want it to be may conceivably bring about the desired condition. Hence religious parables, socialist realism, Nazi propaganda.”
-Vollmann, William. 2005. Europe central. P. 25

Spoken like a true literary critic. From Cornell nonetheless. In the Midwest, communication scholars have expounded upon the hint of accuracy within this quotation. Literary critics look for ways the art is non-fiction: the way the movie is a documentary. But, they tend to have the equation backward, it is not about art imitating life but rather art constituting life. Communication scholars, by focusing on notions of subjectivity and identity, are able to see life is an acting out of whom we desire to be. This is why President Bush is such a rich study. As a Texan, living in the middle of Yankees, I can see this first hand. People will chastise the President for being stupid and silly, but I see the myths, we as Texan boys are taught, at work. I see the man acting as a cowboy because that is whom we are supposed to be. Want to be in fact.

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