Carolina wins Stanley Cup

I am glad Edmonton did not win the Stanley Cup. The obvious reason is because they are Socialist (read: Canadian) and Carolina is from American. Too obvious. Another good reason is because they have won many and Carolina has not, alright I can deal with that one. But, my reason is much more base and silly: I hate Chris Pronger. I am not sure why. I have vague recollections of saying his name in disgust during my Dallas days. But that was years ago and since then I had a year with no hockey only to be followed with another year without hockey as I do not receive OLN at my current home. Something about being too physical, too big and too big a nuisance for my Dallas Stars. You know what? I am fine with that explanation. I am comfortable that many people might say it does not qualify as a legitimate reason. This is not to say, a la Dallas Mavericks, the world is stacked against me. I just think if I were to hear that explanation from someone I would find them petty and trite. Ok, I can accept that.

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