Adams Morgarita Fest

As I write this I am a little tipsy, so please pardon my dust. To-day was the first annual Adam Morgarita Fest. The girl and I rose out of bed around 2 in the afternoon and decided we would cruise the bars in Adams Morgan in search of the best margarita.

The first bar we went to was Ventnors. There were many other bars we would have ende dup at except that it was only 2 and they were not yet open. It was very strange and the topic of most of our discussion while at Ventners. The ritas were good. She felt they were too sweet, but I relay enjoyed it. The free popcorn was excellent and except for the Yankees fan cheering (they were beating the BoSox at this point) it was a nice excursion. We left and the next open place we found was Tom Tom. The girl .had been here a couple of times in the 2 months I had been away working in Detroit, but it was a nice place. My margarita was almost tasteless, but I felt that was probably due to the quality of the pours involved. After Tom Tom she was drunk so out of a N of 2, I can say that Ventnors had a better margarita, $1.50 more expensive, than Tom Tom. And she will say Tom Tom had the cheaper, although without the yummy free popcorn, and tastier margarita. Mind you, she was drunk.

We then stopped by Safeway and bought some crackers, Basque cheese, hard salami and a bottle of Berringer’s 2005 White Zinfadel. I also snuck in a box of Chicken on a Biskit, which is the ultimate remainder of my white trash life, which she likes. We then came home and ate the crackers and wine while watching the last few episodes of Season 3 of Simple Life. What a great show for a Sat. afternoon.

On the way home there was a set of drawers sitting on the corner which looked acceptable. Since my return from Detroit we realized we needed to get her a set of drawers for the closet, and this seemed perfect, if only because it was light enough for me to carry back to the apartment in a slightly inebriated state.

The last season is genius. Paris, being lazy hires a double and then schedules her for the wrong day, so Nicole shows up and makes the double do all kinds of craziness. About to give a damaging interview, Paris is informed of the double cross and then shows up, so we get the eventual Paris v. Nicole showdown, only to be continued next season. But, the production of it is just brilliant. We were so happy with it. With our wine, cheese and salami and crackers. We think we are the ultimate in white trash disguised. Maybe she is disguised, my friends know me for what I am, but she would shock people with her trailer like qualities.

I declare Adams Morgarita Fest a success. Now back to the Colorado at DC United tied game and the Halo Graphic Novel.

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