Beltway Boys, the Return

I know I have probably let some of you down these past few weeks. I do have a backlog of stories about the my boys, DoubleU (DoubleU hates it when we call him that, preferring George or even Will, he says DoubleU is too much like the Texan name for President Bush, no shit, since Sori and I have both lived in Dallas) likes to refer to us as the Beltway Boys, so I will probably be posting them more frequently than I used to for a bit. Sori told DoubleU that there already was a Beltboy Boys and DoubleU then turned on his no-nonsense voice, dropped his chin so it makes that double chin thing and then lectured us about how that was a TV show so we could still claim it, and how even if they did refuse our appropriation of it that they would be unable to get us to drop the name and how it was a bad show and how his show is much better, even with Dweebie George.

I know that last sentence was long and possibly confusing but that is how DoubleU speaks when he is ad-libbing, most of what he says on TV has been rehearsed, sometimes enough so that he can actually write down his arguments before the show. Anywho.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Wednesday night I met my girl at her office for Date Night. We walked to the Helix Lounge, which is on Rhode Island over by Scott Circle, not exactly close to L and 20th, but not a far hike either. On Wednesday nights they serve cheap burgers and beer (which is why we went there) and they also have (which we learned) dog night, so there were all these dogs around. The dogs were cute and we had a fun time watching them. I think she might even be looking forward to getting a dog now. She always told me we could have a dog when she had a ring on her finger (= fair enough), but now I may not have to wait for that moment, although I am not so sure it will be a long wait regardless.

After that we walked up the 18th Street Lounge to meet some friends, but it just was not our thing, as it was reggae night. That means there is this really loud and obnoxious music playing, music that was designed for poor folks to resist the upper class, nevermind the crowd at 18th is anything but poor. The musicians were easily the poorest lot on the bar that night, any night. They also burn incense, and a lot of it (ostensibly to cover up the marijuana smoking.) My sinuses were being torn up and I wanted to leave, so we started to leave when we ran into DoubleU and Sori outside the club. Sori had the day off from a 3 day swing into Philly, so he was enjoying the rare night out. ‘Rare until October’ we always tease him, although I was happy when he ended up not being traded to another team that might be using him in October.

They decided not to go in when we told them about Reggae Night. DoubleU invited us back to his place to watch some movies. His TV is always on, when not watching baseball he is always watching movies. I wonder how he manages to get so much work done.

He had just received Hitch from NetFlix so he put it in. We all made fun of him for this choice, but he was relentless about giving it a try. I must admit the movie was much better than I thought it would be. There was some horrible dialogue, advice to writers: stop working it, let it happen. I must admit I am surprised Will Smith would even agree to say some of that crap. The Tom Brady cameo was odd. Eva Mendes has a big bootie and they were not afraid to let it show. It was entertaining, I think because Will Smith made it happen; I bet he can by sheer willpower make things happen and make things work. Fresh Prince. Enemy of the State, lord knows that was not Gene Hackman’s doing. *pun alert* If you disagree with me here, then suffice it to say you “just don’t understand.” *pun alert off*

After Hitch it was late and we all had to get some rest, although I guess Sori and I had the next day off. But DoubleU had some work to do so he turfed us out and the girl and I returned home. It was a gorgeous night out and I wish these days of summer would never end.

Not a great return of the Beltway Boys, but there is more stuff I am working on writing down in between commercial breaks of the Rescue Me marathon I have DVRed.

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