Eternals #3

Despite what the guys at Comic Book Hater Podcast say, I like this series. The first issue was not very good admittedly, but it has improved and issue 3 helped speed the arc along, somewhat. At the end of this book, though, we do not know anymore of the backstory, which is where the magic really is. We have only seen to this point an (re)awakening of supernatural abilities and some character development of the Eternals.

The art does leave something to be desired, although I hesitate saying that because much comic art these days is so overdone. Too many lines, too many shadows, too much action and movement. While Romita Jr. does a good job in this sense, he does not really draw you into the book with the art, rather it is Gaiman’s storytelling that draws me in and keeps me buying the books.

I wish there was more explanation of the mystery of the backstory, instead of hints of the mystery. Seriously Neil, we know there is stuff you have not told us, why tease more with our ignorance? As with most comics the interior art which advertises upcoming books is better than the art in the very book for which I have paid. That is annoying.

The thing I enjoy most about the storyline is the complications provided by the supernatural abilities. This issue deals with mark Curry’s ability to move ultrafast, and the science involved. Bullets still retain kinetic energy, enemies wielding guns are disarmed in a less than gentle manner. It would be easy enough to pass this skill off as a Flash-like cool thing, but instead Gaiman spends time making us realize how difficult it is to wield such powers. There are some other superpowers reveled in this book but yet none of the same attention seems to be devoted to it. I hope the remaining books discuss this, but if it does not then that makes the series only slightly better than all other comics instead of much better.

Overall, the books seem well produced and I am excited to see what comes in the future. These seem like the type of books that would come with product placement and also benchmarks for high quality productions in American entertainment.

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