Edwards endorsement in jeopardy

Your SN team has some varied supporters. There is a Ron Paul supporter, a Hillary supporter, an Edwards supporter and finally an Obama supporter. It is suspected that there is a lack of disagreement so we can all have a different stake in our near-daily arguments, but we all acknowledge that we will probably vote for whomever wins the Democratic nomination.

Against my wishes we, at the moment, have agreed upon Edwards but that endorsement is quickly fading. Fortunately for him the debates seem to be over. His dismal performances are worrying because if he wins the nomination he will then have to debate for the general election and it is precisely that scenario which makes him unelectable. Jim Nelson in the January 2008 GQ explains our concerns better than we could (we did try): “Watch a few debate tapes of John Edwards, who, by all performative standards, has learned to play the role of the ‘b**ch.’ With his fey sincerity, his polished, ready-to-pounce, prep-school debate style, his wagging, nagging finger )sometimes replaced by the jabs of a Dukakis-like thumb), and his constant carping on the failings of his more popular opponents, he’s become the modern version of a…well, I can’t say it, but it rhymes with Kucinich.”

It is this positioning as a nagging anti-candidate instead of as a candidate which worries us about the viability of Edwards. Even the place where he draws his own distinction is about being anti-insurance. We do believe in the value of insurance companies, it is just some policies that are suspect (a nuance that would do Edwards some good to articulate). What else is he against is easy, but what is he for? Obama and Hillary have both drawn themselves in proposition as well as in opposition. Edwards has not and that is reason #1why our endorsement for Edwards is in jeopardy.

The second reason is because of his poor performance on various questionnaires. See the Savage piece in the Boston Globe for an example. You may disagree with Clinton’s and Obama’s answers, but at least they provided answers. Edwards provided shifty answers and at times used his response space to criticize instead of propose.

Edwards be on guard, you are losing support. To top it off, you are losing support in a Clinton-Obama battle: imagine the waning support that would happen if you were an active participant in the battle.

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