NHL’s outdoor circus

I will be watchign to-morrow’s game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Buffalo Sabres, but not because I care about either team (whom to root for: the Pittsburgh Crosby’s or the 1999-Hull-was-in-the-crease-whining Sabres), in fact, because I care nothing for either team is the reason I will be watching.  The last time the NHL tried this stunt it was a circus.  Scott Burnside has a good article explaining why it is an idea that was shelved, for good reason, for 5 years.

If there is no sun then it might be so cold that the players are at risk, the problem experienced last time.  If there is sun then there is a glare issue which may also put players at risk.  The control of the ice quality is also an issue, an issue Buffalo is very good at whining about by the way. In short, there seems no way this event does not turn into a circus.  But, that may be what the NHL is secretly desiring.  The few people that do not consider themselves hockey fans yet do watch hockey watch it for its circus-like events: the fights.  This gimmick may be just what the NHL needs, and for that reason I will watch it and try to recruit as many people that are not still recovering from to-night’s festivities to watch it.

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