Cagematch: Watchmen vs Fanboys

I had wanted to wait on the next cagematch because of the strange intersection between Fanboys and Watchmen.  The seminal point of Fanboys occurs towards the end when the characters, after a nationwide road trip and breaking into Skywalker Ranch, are finally able to watch Episode 1 and they ask each other, “what if the movie is no good?”  There is a sudden realization that maybe the best things are those that not only wait but never come.  Watchmen has a similar epiphany but it occurs towards the beginning of the film when The Nightowl asks the Comedian, “what happened to the American dream?”  “We got what we wanted,” is the response.  As I sat in the theater waiting for the long-anticipated movie I had to wonder, “what if the movie is no good?’

I am pleased to announce that the movie is good.  I have been scouring the reviews and they seem to echo the same sentiment that J. Hoberman has “the filmmakers are unable to transport themselves to the level of the original concept.”  That is not a bad review, it is merely a ‘I was hoping for more’ review.

The credit sequence alone made the movie worth the matinee price I paid.  In fact there are throughout the movie so many allusions I am surprised more critics do not praise the movie if for no other reason than providing the critic a vehicle to show off how much she knows, kind of like a Hemingway story.

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