Hip-Hop and responsibility


Homeless issued the response to Asher Roth’s hit “I Love College.”  Until the last minute of the video I was fairly down with it.  of course Asher Roth’s anthem is about being reckless, treating college as just a party and wasting what is a great oporttunity with a hefty financial cost.  However, the melodrama of Homeless’ words made me want to hit the stop button.

I wondered how much of Homeless’ rant was because Asher Roth is suburban and white, especially since he raps about the same stuff that much hip-hop does.  Asher just locates the drink and women in college instead of on the street.

And then homeless turns Asher Roth into an example fo hip-hop’s failings.  There is still the tinge of melodrama and the reduction of art into too-much-significance but I do like what he does at the end of the song.  There is a place for play and recklessness, but Homeless is troubled that hip-hop has become mostly a place for recklessness and play and lost sight of larger struggles that need to be fought.

As a tune I did enjoy it although I don’t know it’s something to which I can bee-bop down the street.  Yes, I said bee-bop.

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