Szereto “Hell is where the heart is”

Saint Wolfgang and the Devil by Michael Pacher).
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To-day’s short story was short.  Shorter than the author had anticipated.  Mitzi Szereto’s “Hell is where the heart is” only earned my attention for almost 3 of its 34 pages.  A couple of things: 1.  The jokes are not funny.  She tries too hard, similar to Nate‘s stand up comedy.  2.  In the almost 3 pages she launches into tangents that are supposed to be funny, but then makes the cardinal errors, “Ah, but I digress…” and “Oh, there I go, digressing again.”  It’s very third grade.  3.  It is a take on the Faustian bargain, but form what I can tell does not offer anything new to the genre.  And it is a deal with the devil to seek revenge on a guy for an emotional breakup.  I am not interested in reading about someone so pathetic that she wants to deal with the devil for emotional revenge.  4.  This is really the cardinal error.  This volume is from a publishing hosue I have never before heard of and I am unfamiliar with many of the writers yet I am willing to take a risk.  But, the editor of the volume is Mitzi Szereto.  I have dropped classes just because the professor is the author of the textbook, and sometimes those people are ‘experts’.  When planning my publishing house I think about doing this very thing but I refuse because I find it so droll.

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