V returns

Morena Baccarin  @ the Serenity Premiere
Image by RavenU via Flickr

Happiness is a warm…afternoon seeing an alien fleet around earth tellign us they come in peace.  Only to, of course, find out later that they are actually lizard-like posing as our friends so they can eat us because they used up all the resources in their homeworld.  Yes, I am talking about V, one of the best TV shows.  Ever.

Well, it seems it is coming back for the 2009-2010 season on ABC.  And it stars Morena Baccarin.  I am guessing she is the evil leader of the lizards.  If you do not immediately recognize the name Morena then you need to watch Firefly or its big screen adaptation Serenity.  Even if you do not like sci-fi you will like those shows becasue they are so well written.  And if you do not…then may god have mery on your soul!

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