Cloud Computing

I had previously experimented with storing and using data from the cloud, even thought a bit about purchasing a netbook as my laptop of use when biking around the city (when the weather was bike-able).  There were a few hiccups with the transition and I decided not to invest the time to learn how to make it really worthwhile.  Well, to-day is my trial by fire.

The Swede has to wake early in the mornings and in the wee small hours of the morning our computers look alike, so I grabbed the wrong one.  In any case, so far so good.  I guess my cloud integration was more advanced than I had suspected.  The book is not updated but I can always add pieces to it and then integrate later.  Thanks to Dropbox I have access to some important files.  RSS feeds will keep me up to date on my reading.  It seems as though my current MacBook is, in reality, a netbook.  An expensive netbook, but one nonetheless.  I am not sure how I feel about that.

I even fretted about music for a bit but…(1) I am at Spyhouse where the best of Bill Withers is playing so that’s righteous enough background noise and (2)  If I were good about updating, which Dropbox does automatically had I been smart, then the transition would be seamless.

On another, yet similar, note Verizon will soon be launching an Android based 3G smartphone.  I have been with Verizon for years now and unwilling to change because the travel schedule makes Verizon a superior carrier in some locations.  Plus, the few people I am in constant contact with also use Verizon which means those communications are covered in the basic plan.  If anything could lull me away it would be a 3G smartphone and I qualify for a new phone in December, birthday!, which is well after the planned release of the Droid.  Now I am a mere few months away from always being on the cloud.  I am excited about this even though most of my daily frustrations are about me spending too much time on the computer and not enough in analog land.  I am walking proof of loving gadgets for gadgetry’s sake.

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