Cagematch: Book of Eli v Lost Highway

Not too sure what I was thinking by making this the resumption of the Cagematch series.  I did not care for either movie.  Can I award a double loss?  Of course I can.  I will use another movie as a reference.  In Step Brothers (2008, Adam McKay: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) there is terrific fight scene between the brothers that is finally resolved when they strike each other simultaneously in the head with a baseball bat and a golf club.  That’s what this cagematch is.  Wham-Thump.  And they both go down!

If I had to choose one it would be Lost Highway (1997, David Lynch: Twin Peaks) for two reasons.  First, this movie carries some pretention value.  I could drop it at a cocktail party and people might find me all neat-o mosquito because I can watch and digest Lynch films.  Second, reviewing the film may expose something.

Book of Eli (2010, Hughes Brothers: Menace II Society) offers none of that.  I do not believe this movie is even made green-lighted by a studio if it was not now.  ‘Now’ meaning in the wake of The Road (post-apocalyptic) and Avatar (pantheistic embracing).  I am so sad about it too, because while I appreciate Denzel Washington (American Gangster) I am a huge Gary Oldman (Immortal Beloved) fan.  This is the only 2010 release I have seen (still catching up on 2009 releases) this year and I refuse to place it on my working list of Best of 2010.



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