stories and the best Story

I am convinced the best Story is the love from afar.  Here is a recent entry (a good entry even in a nearly-impossible-to-fail genre):

Molly Auerbach’s “The Shiksa

Of course, the nose is not actually happening.  It is the fantast-ic frame which is really what the genre is about: exposing our insecurities or our confidences.  Usually this genre occupies a song form: Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amore”, natch, and Coldplay’s “Shiver” are the genre par examplance.

Blogging is also the genre put into another form.  Which is why I love it so.  This insight (yes, a confidence) helps complete Jodi Dean’s recent incompleteness.

More to follow to-morrow are as I discuss Mel Gibson’s latest, Edge of Darkness, and the Fear of Death.


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