Distractions: May 27

Based on a recommendation by Stephen Elliott, I downloaded and checked out Goats Head Soup by The Rolling Stones.  It holds up well.  I was never a huge fan of “Angie” – it always struck me as overly pathetic beta, even before I knew what that meant – but I had forgotten how good “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (heartbreaker)” is.

One of the better pieces of film criticism I have read in a long time.  But, is it too scathing?  Now I kinda want to see SATC2 just to see if it is the trainwreck made out to be.  Of course it is.

Speaking of scathing…Brian Spears gives it to Keillor on the (emerging) state of publishing.  The real gem of the piece:

as a general rule, things were never better in the past, not even if you were a white male.

I’m thinking of a particular instance where the general rule does not hold true and I’m stumped.  I guess that’s the nature of our real pre-lapsarian world.  Yeah, yeah, it’s post- and not pre-lapsarian.  Whatever.  A debate for another day, when I actually care about the opinions of those that believe in The Fall.

Life has been slow lately.  Friends from all over are coming into town for a conference and the past few days have been about re-acquainting with them and reminding my liver of the halcyon days of grad school.  I asked out a woman once, “let’s go punish our livers together.”  She said yes.  And the weather has been great.

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