Distractions: June 3

Check out Kyp Malone’s cover of The Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place”.  While at it, check out his band’s, TV on the Radio, ouvre.  They’re sweet.


While on the topic of sweet covers, check out this one.  It’s really striking and a nice addition to the original.  Where Malone’s cover above is a nice rendering, it doesn’t seem to add much.  Lissie, however.  The last time I heard a cover and felt something like this was when I heard Limp Bizkit – sigh – do their version of “Faith”.  I am looking for a link to post.


3 thoughts on “Distractions: June 3

  1. ejb

    The Head’s song is great. The band sounds great. The guitar part, and even more the the lilting keyboard fx, are hard to do with emotion. It easily flattens out.

    His voice has the emotion to pull off the passionate but simple leads.

    Loved it.

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