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The Kid, or maybe Santa (who knows which alternate personality is ever actually posting), over at (let’s just say this post was authored by…Buttercup) has decided that my posting of covers was a challenge.  It wasn’t but I am down for it.  Recap: I had posted covers here of a Talking Heads tune and also a Lady Gaga tune.   Buttercup errs a couple of times.

Buttercup dismisses the power of Lissie’s cover because it is of a Lady Gaga tune.  This is not a good argument and I will defend Lady Gaga.  But the real power is in Lissie and not Lady Gaga.

Buttercup then challenges me with a cover of a Britney Spears tune.  This is inconsistent with the previous dismissal.  Plus, I will hold Lady Gaga above Britney anytime, if the contest is about music or affective ability.  Gaga went to Juliard and is an accomplished music writer.  Britney did a decent job, I guess, as a Mouseketeer.

Buttercup throws down the gauntlet not realizing what the weapon of choice is: additive value to the original.

My response, my cover of Buttercup’s post.  Yael’s version of “Toxic” is great.  I prefer to listen to the Lissie track, but not by much.  What do the tracks add to the originals?  That contest is probably a wash, you can track the tie even by the moves of the songs independent of their originals.  Buttercup then posts a remix of Yael’s cover.  This track is better than the original, but also unrecognizable as derivative of “Toxic”.  It’s so far removed I wonder if it even counts as a cover anymore.

Here’s my trump card.  I will not even discuss Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” as that would quickly close off the debate and I am looking forward to Buttercup’s response.  Here are my two entries in the covers contest.  Both are great songs on their own AND they both add significantly to the originals.

“Faith” by Limp Bizkit.  The sound is not as good as it is on the album, but you’ll get the idea.


“Blue Monday” by Orgy.


Suck on that Buttercup.

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