Distractions: June 8

It’s a rainy day outside.  Looking Seattle but feeling Minnesota.  These days always disappoint.  I am here so little in the summertime that when it rains I feel as though I am really missing out on something.  Despite being stuck inside, I find that to be more of a distraction than anything else.

I am excited for Friday when World Cup action begins.  I am really excited for Saturday when the US kicks off with a match against England.  We’re supposed to lose, but that merely makes rooting for the US risk-free.  And if we win…  The Swede, sadly, has to do some work like thing on Saturday.  She clearly hates freedom.  Her boss too.

I am thinking of heading to Nomad for the match and then the block party afterwards.

I am distracted with thinking about an office.  I am moving in September and will have access to a second room, that I want to turn into an office.  Simple design, a desk, chair and bookshelves.  I have lots of books and am looking forward to having a dedicated place to display them.  For quick reference.  In any case, I have decided to hold up on an ereader, especially since my life the past few months has been about simplification and becoming more analogue.  Hearing an interview with Nicholas Carr about his new book The Shallows helped solidify that decision.

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