Distractions: June 10

Lauren Hart (“Who?” “Lauren Hart.”  “Who?”  “Fair enough.”) sang the national anthem at the Stanley Cup finals.  Oh wait, this about distractions.  She was not at all distracting.  Maybe that had more to do with her wearing a Flyers t-shirt and not about the quality of her singing.  Maybe.  I’m an asshole.

I’ve been receiving some feedback about the link to the piece about grandpa and a bird.  Speaking of The Rumpus, I will recommend you listen to episode 2 of Rumpus Radio.  It’s available through iTunes.  I am looking for a place to download it sans iTunes.  In any case, they’re friends but it’s still a combative environment and pretty entertaining once they are actually moving along.

I’ve been promised by Buttercup that a response to the covers contest is coming.  But, he is Buttercup after all.  I don’t think his wife gets the Buttercup joke.

Yea, no real distractions going on to-day.  And yet I have been een less productive than usual.  I’m off to NYC on Sunday, so if you have any suggestions for stuff to see, especially in Brooklyn, I’d love to hear.

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