Distractions: June 13

To-day’s a travel day, so it’s a rare distraction-less productive-less day.  Maybe a few things worth aggregating:

I am still not too sure what’s happening here.  I will revisit it when I land in NYC.  Or not, as I know exactly what is happening in the background of this piece.  I won’t be online at all, no need to supplement my reality for the next few days as it will all be there.

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit has begun a new season.  These shows are well done.  The research is superb.  There are jokes.  Overall, they do a great job.  Episode 1 is about cheerleading and the ridiculous amount of injuries that occur.  My main concern is the political end run the show takes.  Penn Jilette is a well known libertarian.  They even interview someone from the CATO Institute, in front of the Hayek Auditorium natch.  The main culprit of the problem is legal, Title IX was intended well and led astray causing cheerleaders to go without the protection of being a sport.  Instead of amending Title IX the conclusion hinted at is a small government butting out of our business.

Have a good weekend.  Week, too.

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