Distractions: July 2

Remember yesterday’s distraction about tweeting a reduced Declaration of Independence?  NewsRealBlog has a problem with it.  Supposedly, it’s further proof of our cultural decline.  Did I mention this is David Horowitz’s site?  Here is an article describing the intersection between my academic discipline and Horowitz.  Looking at the other entries, I am nonplussed.  I thought they’d be funnier.  Meh.

Ian McEwan.  If you’ve not read him, you should.  A quotation I came across this morning, which has occupied many of my thoughts for the day.  I’ll set it out just to emphasize its perspicuity.

Cruelty is a failure of imagination.

Here’s another one by McEwan.  It’s monstrous in its scope if he is correct, of which I am not so sure.  Measuring it is worthy of a career, let alone a passage on some random blog, ergo… a distraction.

When the Enlightenment was being sort of undermined by the theorists in the academies, that was done with a general sense of security about the ultimate cultural victory of Enlightenment values, and now I think that victory is a lot less assured.  (185)

Smith, Zadie & Ian McEwan.  (2005).  Zadie Smith talks with Ian McEwan.  In V. Vida, ed.  (2007).  The Believer book of writers talking with writers (165-191).  San Francisco: Believer Books.

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