Distractions: July 8

I am fascinated by squirrels.  There are times when walking through loring Park that squirrels will follow me.  They will follow me longer than they do your average bear.  So, this article at NYT caught my fancy.

Not shame, but shock.  Shock that I find this interesting.  Rather it’s only a preview of a coming series, but I’m hooked.  The series will be a (week)daily post about an element.  Not all the elements, because then why buy the book?  Enough to get me hooked anyways.  I am a trout.

I cannot stop laughing at Prince’s latest comments about the future of the internet.  It’s a quick read, but the laughter will remain with you all day long.  Or, as Lionel Richie sang, all night long.

I’m not too sure what to make of this.  Very short hilarity.  If you dare!

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