Launching, again. Again again

It is another relaunch. Another major life change, so naturally it seems like an opportune time to restart this writing thing. The major life change? I have moved away from the islands and am now in Alabama. I moved away for love. But this time the relationship and the writing will stick with me. So too will all the other stuff people tell themselves on January 1st. I am participating in a fitness challenge at a local cross-fit gym. My eating is improved. I am exercising. I am drinking less. Before you ask, allow me to pre-empt your skepticism: I have been in AL for two weeks now.

Honestly though I do believe this relationship is different. The others things are not different and knowing myself I will not be surprised to wake up in a year and find that those things did not stick. But, I hope not. Hope.

For those new to my writings please notice the H word above. It is key to my writing. Many think hope is so resonant because i am too skeptical to live without hope and not blow my brains out. On that positive note I will take a time out. More work to do with this move. I hope to be in touch.

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