Introducing LEO

So I moved. To Alabama. From the Virgin Islands. Friends and family are confused. Even I am a bit confused. I never thought I would be returning the states, let alone to a place like Alabama. Why then did I do it? The short answer is for love. I should introduce her: LEO.

One thing I have learned over the years is that I often write about my partner. It think this makes sense. The parent is the most important person in my life and many of my decisions are structured around the life we have together. LEO, however, is very private. I think there might be zero posts on Facebook where we are both tagged. That will make this endeavor more difficult, but it might also help me create some distance and, ergo, less navel-gazing.

I will call her LEO because it is a double-entendre. She is law enforcement and fairly high ranking so an officer. She is also a Leo (I am not particularly sure what that means, but she does and she says that our signs are a good mix).  Her job moves her around so being in Alabama is, hopefully, temporary. I must admit that I like Montgomery more than I had expected. Not that the bar was very high.

I still do not have a vehicle and she despises driving so I take her to and from work every day. One of the things I look forward to when picking her up for lunch happens about once a week. People come out of the government offices smiling and happy. They have their family with them and they are waving American flags. These are the newly nationalized. They have worked for years to become an American citizen. Being a citizen is something I have taken for granted and seeing them so happy to have access to services that I forget about and sometimes do not value is refreshing. It is like watching a bunch of children on Christmas Day. It is how I feel in the morning when I wake up next to her.

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