Midterm Election Day! Egads!

It is another one of those days. I have been watching some of the political ads lately, admittedly the important ones are not running here, not that I am listening to local broadcasts of…anything. As always, they annoy me because of things that are just untrue—I was heartened that even Fox withdrew the latest ad supported by Trump—and only work on an audience that does not think critically or do any research. Not that any of that matters as people are so partisan, which I do not take issue with. Strong party loyalty is a good thing. The problem that we have now with partisanship is that we have weak parties. Strong partisanship needs strong parties. Admittedly, I also find having only two parties is a problem. Multiple parties with strong partisanship would be a preferable system. After all, why vote for someone you always disagree with instead of someone you only sometimes disagree with, even if he is an asshole? That is an unfortunate state of affairs that makes sense to me.

I also hate hate hate the push for everyone to vote. I doubt anyone really wants everyone to vote. What they say is different from what they really want. They want people to vote their way, with them. But saying so is not persuasive and does not virtue signal, so people instead say “go vote” or “it’s your  civic duty” or someshit like that. Fuck that. If you do not want to vote, then do not. In the overall scope of the state of the world, one vote makes no difference. Only when com pounded does each vote matter, and even then not much. Which is not to say that I think there is no difference. There are material differences between the candidates, but from a macro perspective even our liberal party is fairly neoliberal and hence not the solution to the world’s ills. The answer lies not in abstaining from the vote, but in allowing voting to substitute for other activisms, to not allow the perfect to be hostage to the good.

My predictions: Democrats win the House of Representatives but do not take the Senate. That is some good as it cuts into gerrymandering and helps cut against the Republican advantage in 2020, but not enough of an advantage. Trump’s reelection is helped by Democratic control of the House, because he can then blame the paralysis on Democrats even though he was unable to get much passed with Republican control of Congress because there are so many different types of Republicans. In other words, there is a weak Republican party, but strong partisanship.

For some interesting coverage from some very smart people (most of whom disagree with me about everything) check out Citizen Critics.

It’s not about the MAGA, it’s about the AIG! (America Is Great!)

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