My Politics Series

One of the goals for this blog is to help me present my views to the world. This is important because it holds my views accountable.It forces me to refine and clarify until I am satisfied that the thought is rigorous and defendable. Publishing creates accountability that holds me to a standard I cannot achieve on my own. I wish more people engaged in that manner of reflection.

To further that goal I will be working on a series called My Politics. here is a rough template of how the posts will be presented:


1. Synopsis of my policy preference on the controversy at hand.

2. The argument I find most persuasive for my preferred policy.

3. The most persuasive argument supporting the opposition’s position.

4. Why I find the above argument unpersuasive enough to change my mind.


Please feel free to challenge my thinking on these posts, or to add suggestions for topics to address. Any feedback is appreciated.

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