Celebrating Diversity in the Mid-Term Elections


 So, you’re celebrating a person’s victory based on race, sex, orientation and religion? That’s why people don’t like it. Intersectionality is the crap that people hate. Reducing someone to there immutable characteristics is absolutely immoral

Those words are from friend of mine, with whom I disagree about most everything, on another friend’s Facebook post celebrating some of the firsts that occurred during the 2018 midterm elections (first Muslim woman elected to Congress, first woman from X district, etc…).

Instead fo posting and engaging him on FB, because he will never change his mind or admit to it, I will just use this forum to work through it. Although, I do not think this issue requires much working through.

The celebration is not that a person of a certain identity was elected. Rather, it is the opposite: the person’s identity is being celebrated because it is no longer a disqualifying identity. It’s a celebration that the person’s Chinese-ness no longer obscures the person’s qualification to be elected. It’s a celebration of the cessation of “reducing someone to there [sic.] immutable characteristics.”

Let us also never mind the inaccurate use of “intersectionality” deployed by Ryan. Intersectionality is actually the opposite of what he says is happening here: it is a recognition of, instead of a reduction to, immutable characteristics of a person.

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