Polysyllabic Spree: January 10, 2019

Cate, Martin. (2016). Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and The Cult of Tiki. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press.

About a week ago LEO told me about this book she found that would be great to help me plan and execute the Tiki Bar project. She offered to buy it for me and I told her not to, because I had just bought it. We picked it up last night. We were walking around downtown looking for locations for the Tiki Bar and she wanted to stop at Mellow Mushroom for some ice cream before heading home so we stopped in and looked through this book. Already there are many ideas to work on. Pictures of places we like and do not like. Decor ideas on the cheap. It’s a great buy.

Chekhov, Anton. (2000). Selected Stories of Anton Chekhov. NY: Modern Library.

I used to own this title and it was lost along the way along the moves along the years, somewhere. It excites me because Chekhov is one of those writers I need to be more familiar with. Any case, I was looking for a copy of “Sleepy” and Amazon’s search brought me back to this title. Like an old ex, how could I not?

Daley, James, ed. (2015). 100 Great Short Stories. Mineola, NY: Dover Thrift Editions.

I was searching for a copy of Chekhov’s “Sleepy” and came across this title. I love this publishing house and I was telling LEO about how if I ever have a bookstore (when I have a bookstore, she corrected me, no wonder I love this woman) I want a spinner for this publishing house. Almost 80- titles and each copy is thin enough that the spinner can hold maybe 3 or 4 of each title, on average. A quality old book for cheap? It’s because they are all in the public domain.

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