Polysllabic Spree: Stubborn Attachments

Cowen, Tyler. (2018). Stubborn Attachments.

I read Cowen’s blog, Marginal Revolution, regularly. Although read is a misnomer. He is too busy writing and publishing for his academic career so most of his entries are curation of economics related stories: other blog posts, newspaper articles and even some academic articles. The curations are good because he provides a bit about why he likes the piece and a link if I wish to read more. 

There are two problems with his blog: 1. there are too many posts, even if they are short and easily digestible. I will sometimes reach a weekend with an accumulation of entries to read through or delete; 2. Cowen is more conservative than I would like. I am more inclined to agree with Paul Krugman, and that brings me to why I eagerly bought this book. Why am I uncomfortable with Cowen’s politics and value judgements? I am not sure. I am unable to articulate a reason, so I bought the book to help me answer that question. 

I have a long history of reading unquestionably smart people with whom I disagree such as Justice Scalia and George Will and Bill Kristol and now Tyler Cowen.

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