Country Living

We are moving to the country! LEO grew up in Chicago. I say that to explain her motivation and also to explain my fear that the desire may not last. But here in central Alabama is the perfect chance for her to experience it. Living here is cheap. Nowhere else would we be able to afford to move to the country on a whim. My earning potential will be reduced but not gutted completely. The bar will be far away, even farther away at 1 in the morning, but her income is enough that we can live off of it. That is a lesson of the pandemic. I went for so long without any income (glitches in my unemployment benefits) that we learned that we can exist on her income alone. I will continue to work, but as said, my income will be reduced.

I will shift the way I earn my income and spend my time. I will work the land. Raising cattle, raising dogs, growing some crops and trying to creatively develop other income streams. I will also save money by educating P at home myself. So, thats the plan.

Today we will go look at some more houses. One is not far out in the country but still has a nice bit of land to it. Another house is huge and country. I am excited about it. But it might be so expensive that we would need to sell the house we live in currently. Ideally we would move to the country and retain the city house turning it into a rental property. Eventually that would generate enough for us to have reserve and put some money in our pocket. And, I’m working on my real estate license which will give me another, even if unpredictable, income stream. If nothing else, then it will save us some money when we make the real estate moves. People have always told me that it is a trade I would be good at. Now we shall find out.

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