Stoopid Noodle?

I once had a wonderful dog that I named cobaka (pronounced so-bah-kuh), which in Russian means ‘dog.’  He was a Shiba Inu, which is a Japanese breed, so it was odd when a Japanese friend then told me that his name meant ‘stupid noodle.’  I think this is an appropriate name for a blog especially one written by me.

This blog is and is not apostolic depending upon how one defines apostle.  If an apostle is the leader of reform movement I do not qualify but if an apostle is merely one that is passionate about an issue then I definitely am an apostle.  I have a hard time finding a label into which I fit and part of the Stoopid Noodle’s purpose is to aid me in my relentless self-examination.

2 thoughts on “Stoopid Noodle?

    1. tneal Post author

      Give me a break. I am a human being and not the letters that (might) follow my name. If this is about the RLOAD post, probably given your IP comes through UNT, then there is no need to cite me. My argument is that there is a contradiction in the RLOAD position. Make the argument yourself.

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