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Distractions: November 17

courtesy of Socialmediaanswers.com

Trolling.  It’s awful and the trolls themselves write awful comments just hoping to incite people into a fight.  I don’t understand it, but if that’s their form of having fun, then so be it.  The wiser policy is either to not even respond to them or delete their comments.  Lord knows most of the comments left here are never published.  Despite the words of wisdom it’s nice to see someone tee off on them.  Of course, it can only happen on a Gawker site.  Here is Joel Johnson’s flame.  I don’t understand the commentators who are upset that he does this to his paying public.  After all, it is Gawker the inventors of internet snark.

I love to walk the town.  I love to ride the bus and eavesdrop and ride to new places or just through new places.  That is actually how I am able to consume so many podcasts.  Reading is great, but there’s so much to see at 30 mph in a new neighborhood.  Ylajali Hansen has a great article at Generation Bubble, a daily staple, about the joys of the accidental discoveries.  The article touches just enough on the theory of Debord to make the reader want to find these books and read them.  The article also cautions the coming mobile application caused revolution in travel, how it will render people’s travels even more sanitized and familiar.  The Swede’s brother and sister-in-law keep saying next year the four of us will go to Europe.  I’m the only that has been.  The Swede is an adventurous traveler, preferring more exotic locales than European destinations.  Her family, however, is not.  They want to travel with us because we will make them more adventurous.  I worry they’ll make us too safe.

I am curious about the crowdsourced materials you use.  I use NetFlix and then the periodic reviews in Twin Cities local papers, such as City Pages or Vita.mn.  How about for travel?  While there are crowdsourced materials for travel are there any that are about trip and not the destination?  Take this bus to get there, for example.

This article by Antonia Crane is great for a few reasons.  It’s about   1. New Orleans  2. sex workers  3. the house mothers that help care for the sex workers  4. an interview with a sweet old lady who was once a house mother.  I want this woman to be my grandmother.  And Antonia Crane rocks.  If you don’t have much time, then go to her article and scroll down and read her little bio.  She rocks.  And she can write.  And your click will help The Rumpus, a cause worthy of 100 clicks.  Daily clicks.

Notecard of Knowledge: tumbrel

It was close two weeks ago, but instead we had torrential rains.  The forecast for tomorrow holds out for snow.  And The Swede’s broken leg means no skiing partner for this season.  In any case, I am trying to develop some more regular content.  One thing to do is my Notecards of Knowledge segment.  It’s another of my OCD qualities.  For almost twenty years I have taken every word I come across and put it down on a notecard.  I now have a stack of almost 3,000 notecards.  Each week I take some of that stack and each day I find a card in it that I have not ‘processed’ lately and process it.  You’ll see.  It’s all a very tedious regimen that I force upon myself.

tumbrel – 1. a two-wheeled cart, especially a farmer’s cart that can be tilted to dump a load  2. a crude cart used to carry condemned prisoners to their place of execution, as during the French Revolution – “It’s long been known to journalists that there’s an audience out there that’s hungry to see the graspings and vainglorious and undeservedly successful (“douchebags” or “asshats”, in Gawker parlance) put in the tumbrel and taken to their doom.” (Grigordiadis 2007, online)

Grigoriadis, Vanessa.  (2007, October 15).  Everybody sucks: Gawker and the rage of the creative underclass.  New York, www.nymag.com.