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Distractions: February 8

Stephen Colbert defending Planned parenthood

The ruckus over Komen and Planned Parenthood have resurrected this gem from Colbert in 2011. Who knew AZ Senator Kyl was a comedian too?

Extreme Points of the Earth

I love Wikipedia. Who knew that the farthest point on land from the center of the earth is not the summit of Mt Everest? Not even on Asia. Not even in the same hemisphere. Fascinating stuff.

Whale Shark caught in Pakistan

I have no problem with fishing. I have a problem with whaling. I’ve even given soem thought to joining the Sea Shepherd. So, this video makes me a little sad. It is a fish and not a mammal, but it’s so big and gentle that it smacks of whaling. Regardless, it’s interesting to watch the size of this thing and the amount of effort needed for humans to manipulate it around. I hope it fed a lot of people.